🎤🎶“Uh-huh-uh, it was all good just a week ago”

Jay-Z, “A Week Ago”

The coronavirus, Covid-19, has turned the world on its head. Just recently everything was fine, dare I even say, great, but now we’re all wondering whether this nightmare will ever end? From quarantine, to a lack of supplies, to missing our friends and family, and even our workplaces?!? (Who ever thought that was possible?) While it impacts us all differently, we are all suffering from the isolation and social distancing together.

As essential workers the EMW team is in a unique position to offer customers a bit of optimism and a glimmer of hope and happiness. As you know, we create personalized bottles and gifts. Given the situation, we firmly believe a custom bottle of bubbly, wine or whisky is the safest and best way to let our friends know that we care and are thinking about them.

During this difficult time of unknowns, we must remain connected. No, not just because, but because it’s in our social human nature, because we need it, and because our friends and family need our love now more than ever.

I just want to say that we’re here to help in the way we know best – with kickass personalized gifts. And as a show of solidarity, any engravings with orders for medical personnel, EMS, nurses and doctors will be 50% off.